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Slow Communication

Def.: Slow communication

Dícese de los proyectos de comunicación atemporales, perdurables, eternos,… desarrollados para disfrutar de ellos… lenta… y… profundamente.

Raúl De la cruz – Linacero


Creamos para las marcas, nuevos y diferenciadores proyectos audiovisuales  de branded content basados en La Música (la Ópera, la Danza, el Ballet, las Artes Escénicas,…) y en La Palabra (el Periodismo, el Relato, la Poesía, la Novela, el Teatro,…)

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Han dicho…

  • “To speak about Raul is quite difficult as he is not only a Top Proffesional & someone to learn from but also a Great Person, always to have as a friend.
    I worked with Raul in DC and in Terra Networks and he has always been a reference in all what he has done. He is a very hard-working and magnificently both companion and chief. It is a great pleasure to work with him.”

    Mayte Esteban López-Jamar, Brand Content at Movistar+
  • “Raul and I have known each other for ages now. His CV speaks by itself, but I think some personal insight might add up a bit. I think that the best word that can define how I see Raul is “visionary.”

    Tomás Navarro. Chief Operating Officer. Publicis Dialog-Publicis Modem.
  • “Raul emerged as natural leader in different key areas helping to define the vision and overall strategy and also leading a team to make it real and happen!”

    Miguel Roncalés. AlphaSIP (Alpha San Ignacio Pharma)CEO (founder) &Investment D. Europe en Atomic Venture Partners
  • “He´s one of the most creative and focused businessmen I´ve had the pleasure of working with. His drive to find the right solutions for his clients makes his projects highly successful and profitable.”

    Rafael Bonnelly. NCA y Asociados. Director de Estrategia Digital y Marketing Social
  • “Raúl is a very results-oriented business-man, with great strategic vision. Works with the same intensity much upward as downward. If I have to hire Raúl for my own business I would.”

    Pepe López de Ayala. Managing Director. Twitter Spain

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